About Us

Randy Neufeld, Chairman

Randy is a long-time Chicagoan and well-known among the active transportation community as one of the most important figures in the national biking advocacy scene. For more than two decades, Neufeld has worked at the local, state, national and international levels in promoting biking, walking and transit issues. As such, he has served in the following roles: Executive Director and Chief Strategy Officer for the Active Transportation Alliance (formerly Chicagoland Bicycle Federation); Special Advisor to the board of the Alliance for Biking and Walking; Advocacy Committee Chair for the National Safe Routes to School Partnership; and SRAM Cycling Fund Director.


John Lankford, Executive Director

John is a native Chicagoan and DePaul University graduate. Since 2006, he has worked on national, state and local political campaigns. As a year-round bike commuter and active transportation enthusiast, he has worked to convince candidates that active transportation is a powerful issue that is backed by a motivated constituency.  He rides a 1978 Schwinn Le Tour III. 


Harry Wray, Steering Committee Member

Harry is a bike enthusiast and Professor of Political Science at DePaul University in Chicago, where he has specialized in American political culture. He teaches a Biking and Politics course that considers the many ways in which these two subjects intersect and features lengthy rides through the mean streets of Chicagoland. Wray is the author of Pedal Power: The Quiet Rise of the Bicycle in American Public Life (2008).


Chris Brunn, Steering Committee Member

Chris currently serves on the board of directors of the Active Transportation Alliance, where he began volunteering in 2004 while co-founding and co-organizing the sell-out Veggie Bike and Dine. He bicycles nearly everywhere, from work to grocery and social outings, gaining inspiration from his travels to Copenhagen and Amsterdam. In both cities, over fifty percent of residents get around by bicycle. One simple but telling policy offers a glimpse into the role of the bike in Copenhagen: Taxis are required to have bike racks. If one gets stuck in a downpour and has money for a taxi, they can easily get home dry, and with their bike. Such progressive policies elsewhere inspire Chris to see how we might better accommodate active transportation at home.


Margo O'Hara, Steering Committee Member

Margo is a transportation advocate who came to understand the complex and exciting world of sustainable transportation during her time as the Active Transportation Alliance's communications director. She currently works at the Res Publica Group as a senior account executive. Margo lives in Uptown, one of the most transit-friendly neighborhoods in Chicago,  and rides a blue Miyata bike.