Welcome to Walk Bike Transit

Walk Bike Transit, PAC

Walk Bike Transit is a non-partisan political action committee conceived as a means of engaging in political advocacy that is off-limits to 501c3 not-for-profit advocacy groups.

As a political organization, our mission is to influence elections and candidates on behalf of active transportation issues.  As such, WBT  has mobilized voters all across the city to engage and support local candidates on the importance of better biking, walking and transit options. 

Our strategic approach has been built around district and ward-specific events organized by WBT and hosted for candidates around elections.  These events have provided voters the opportunity to engage with candidates on the importance of bikeable, walkable and transit-friendly communities.  In turn, candidates were given the chance to earn support by demonstrating an understanding and commitment to active transportation issues.

Perhaps most importantly, Walk Bike Transit events mark the beginning of an ongoing dialogue about ways in which communities and leaders can work together towards a practical vision for transforming transportation options.